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SPCNM Free On-Line Introduction to Chemistry Course

Applicants over the age of 20, who do not meet the Chemistry criteria or do not have a chemistry background, will be required to complete our free on-line Introduction to Biological Chemistry course;

In this course students will develop an understanding of chemical processes in living organisms. They will gain a basic knowledge of atomic structure, the periodic table of elements and concepts of energy. Students will learn about different chemical substances and their role in biological processes. This on-line course is expected to take approximately 20 hours to complete. Contact to register for this course.

How to Allocate Study Time

Managing your study time is important. To make sure you have the time to meet your study commitments as well as manage the rest of your life, you need to think about how many hours you can devote to study.

To work out how much time you will need, check the course prescriptors information. All our courses have a credit value.

For each credit, allow about 10 hours of learning. For example, for a 15 credit course, you should allow an estimate 150 hours of learning in total.

For more information, please email or phone +64 9 526 9278.