More about our Graduate Practitioner for 2017

Alison Carrington – Bachelor of Natural Medicine

Alison spent many years overseas, in Singapore, Vietnam and Australia, soaking up the experiences that only living abroad can offer.  Alison has 2 daughters, now aged 19 and 22, and felt drawn to study Natural Medicine when dealing with the health challenges they faced when growing up, which included Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, food sensitivities and anxiety, and started investigating a more natural approach to treatment. Dietary changes, herbal medicine and lifestyle tweaks have been able to help the whole family achieve great health.

Alison believes in the value of self-love, a balanced diet, being physically active having a positive attitude, and doing what you love to achieve balance and happiness in life.

Alison has a passion for herbal tea and clients enjoy the intimate setting that the ritual of drinking tea together creates in her consultations, and this passion is driving her towards developing her own tea blends. Bach Flower Essences have also become a treasured component in Alison’s tool kit, and Bach Flower blends are made for her client’s specific requirements.

Alison and her husband are enthusiastic about the outdoors, especially tramping and mountain biking, and have spent a lot of time exploring the Wanaka region.

At the age of 52, Alison feels that she is doing what she was meant to be doing: helping people. Her sensitivity and life experience put her in an ideal position to help clients achieve balance and wellness in their lives.

Pricing Structure and Booking On-Line

Paua Clinic is now open for natural health consultations with our graduate practitioner, Alison Carrington. Alison is a fully qualified practitioner.

Please consult ezybook for appointments.

Graduate Practitioner Pricing

Standard Adult Initial Consultations – $40

Students & Children 6 years and over Initial Consultations – $20

Children under 6 years of age and Seniors over 65 Initial Consultations – Free

All Follow ups – Free


Tuesdays 11-4pm

Thursdays 11-4pm

Other times by arrangement. Please contact Alison directly on

Book on-line now by clicking here or by calling 09 526 9277