Current On-Campus Students

“From the moment I set my first foot onto the campus and was warmly welcomed by a staff member who showed me around the beautiful facilities, I felt immediately at home: the bright and cosy student facilities, the Paua clinic right there where 3rd year-students learn hands-on, a library stacked with an amazing assortment of books – I would like to read them all! 🙂 But my absolute favourite part was and still is the stunning herbal medicine garden right in the centre, where one can see, smell, touch, taste, grow and harvest the medicinal plants we learn about. I knew I had found ‘my place’ instantly.

Having started the Bachelor of Natural Medicine degree now, I very much enjoy the inspiring, supportive learning environment. The small class numbers and our engaging, passionate lecturers make learning easy and fun. The staff are amazing and always very helpful and supportive in every way possible. Being on campus feels like being with family.

Studying at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine I feel fully supported in bringing together everything I have experienced and learned so far to build a strong, wholesome foundation to draw on when supporting people on their unique healing journeys.”

“From the moment you walk in the door at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, you feel welcomed and inspired. I studied on the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Preparation course last year and whilst it was an online course, I found myself at the SPCNM library 2-3 days a week – the environment was perfect for study.  I came to know some of the students and staff and being on site certainly helped with motivation. 

Having not studied at a tertiary level before, I must admit to being initially quite daunted. But, within a few months of being on the Certificate course I found myself really curious about the degree. After I passed the Certificate course I was confident that the degree was the right path for me. I am now 3 weeks into the Bachelor’s degree and am loving it. The content is incredibly engaging and the staff and fellow students are encouraging and supportive. 

I know I made the right decision to study at SPCNM.”