Current On-line Students

“I have always had a passion for plants and food and how mother nature can help us to heal and thrive. I began my journey at South Pacific by taking the Biochemistry of Foods personal interest paper and I knew that I had found my ‘thing’! The following year I started full-time on-campus study.

Nothing compares to South Pacific’s support and community feel – the attentiveness and passion of the lectures and small class sizes have given me the opportunity to learn more and have fun while doing it!

My lecturers, fellow students, and the beautiful campus with its medicinal herb garden, library and on-site clinic have created such a nourishing study experience. South Pacific upholds quality education on holistic health while also creating an environment for students to embody what we learn! ln my opinion, this is by far the top place in New Zealand to study Naturopathy.”

“I am in alignment with my values, living my truth, and being supported academically and personally by the most uplifting ethos, pathos and passion of a dedicated team of professionals who work coherently in providing a supporting, nurturing and challenging environment. I have travelled a very circuitous route back to myself and cannot put into words the feeling of ‘rightness’ I have at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

I am currently in my 2nd part time year of the Bachelor of Natural Medicine degree and have been fully seen, heard and made to feel at home. All staff and fellow students have a smile, say hello, ask how you are, how you are getting along. The atmosphere is gentle and kind, and we are constantly reminded to reach out for help if we are struggling, whether that be academically or personally. Access to resources and accommodating different learning styles is well thought out, tutors are clearly knowledgeable and generous with their time and expertise and support staff are very approachable; nothing is too much trouble.

I am excited to be continuing my journey and studies with SPCNM, and look forward to this being my home for the next few years.”