Katie Noble

Dispensary Supervisor

BNatMed, QRA & PSYCH-K Practitioner MNMHNZ, MNZAMH

Katie graduated from SPCNM with Excellence in Clinical Practice in 2018. She continued her involvement at the College as Graduate Practitioner and Dispensary Assistant in 2019.

Katie was mentored by Angela Haldane (Natural Ange) during her final year and into 2019 before working at Biotrace for 2 years on QRA training and learning from Robin Day and Jo Fountain to expand her knowledge of QRA and Heavy Metal and Chemical toxicity. Katie ran her practice at The Life Centre in Ponsonby (a multi-dimensional healing centre) for 2 years, and now runs her clinic from home.

Katie has a thirst for knowledge and applies this alongside energetic feedback from her clients using energy testing to establish the best approach to each person’s unique health journey. Katie uses emotional release techniques and subconscious belief re-programming alongside sound healing to support her clients by honouring the mind, body and soul.

Herbal medicine is a foundational piece in any treatment approach for Katie and she is always looking for opportunities to deepen her connection to the powerful healing energy of plants. Katie is excited to be back at SPCNM as a supervisor, she loves to mentor and help people stretch into their potential.