Lynette Hill

Clinic Manager and Course Lecturer

Lynette is proud to be SPCNM alumni and graduated in 2013 to start up the extremely successful clinic, MyRemedy. Lynette continues to support and promote SPCNM in every way possible. We are extremely proud to have played a part in producing such a brilliant graduate!

Lynette is a naturopath and homeopath who utilises Hemaview to give a very comprehensive picture of the physical state of the body and how it is functioning; and, where indicated, also integrates homeopathy into her protocols. Her focus is on adrenal fatigue and general health and wellbeing. She is also experienced in supporting those going through cancer treatment. Lynette has a desire to “take Natural Medicine to New Zealand” and enjoys speaking publicly about the benefits of Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

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“I have been supervising the third year students in the Paua Clinic for 3 years now and love working with them to broaden their knowledge and clinical practice in preparation for their own future as Natural Medicine Practitioners.” Lynette

Phone +64 9 526 9274