Marion Stobie

Clinic Supervisor

MSc (Herbal Medicine), BA (Hons), ND, Dip Med Herb, Dip Teaching

Marion is a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist. Marion taught various naturopathic courses including herbal therapeutics, nutrition and the principles and history of herbalism at a natural therapies college. She also worked there as a clinic supervisor for 15 years.

Marion’s passion has always been herbal medicine, and she chose the Masters programme at the University of Central Lancashire, England, because of the strong herbal medicine emphasis and because of the inspiring course lecturers.

Marion has been working as a clinician independently in her own clinic since 2000. In addition, she worked as a naturopath and herbalist in an integrative health centre for 4 years, and she continues to work in a collaborative clinic setting together with another naturopath on an ongoing, long-term basis.

When not teaching or working, Marion enjoys overseas travel, New Zealand’s Great Walks and learning languages.

Marion joined the Paua Clinic in 2021 as a result of her enthusiasm for passing on and sharing her knowledge with the next generation of naturopaths and herbalists. Knowledge has no greater value than when it is shared!