Susan Eckert

Clinic Assistant

BNatMed, DipHSc, VetMed

Susan is a newly graduated naturopath and medical herbalist from SPCNM after completing her Bachelor of Natural Medicine in December 2023.

Susan is passionate about supporting people to create positive changes in their lives in order to experience greater vitality, wellness and harmony. She continues her study of herbal medicine with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and enjoys working closely with Nature’s allies – medicinal plants, nutritious food, and the natural environment – to activate the innate self-healing ability of the body, mind and soul.

Outside of her role at the College Susan works for the Te Wahi Ora women’s retreat in Piha where she contributes to creating a safe and wholesome place for women to belong to while returning to a state of health and wholeness after challenging life events.

Since graduating, Susan has discovered her passion for bodywork through offering massages to guests at Te Wahi Ora and is currently undergoing further training in Myofascial Release and Myofascial Unwinding techniques. In the future, she would like to combine her two major areas of interest and expertise and become a practitioner of natural health for animals as well.