“I discovered the effectiveness of natural medicine after my children were born and suddenly found my way of making a difference in this world. I researched the various study options available and was recommended the Bachelor of Natural Medicine at SPCNM. But before I embarked on committing to a degree, I wanted to make sure that this was something I really wanted to do and was able to do. I hadn’t studied for over ten years and did not have a background in science. So, enrolling in the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Preparation was the perfect way to ease my concerns and prepare me for the degree.

The courses helped me refresh my essay writing, research and computer skills, and expose me to new effective study techniques and research programmes. The introduction to the science of natural medicine was at a pace and level of understanding that gave me the confidence to continue with the degree, without worrying about keeping up with the curriculum. The certificate also allowed time to get used to online learning, get familiar with Moodle, different assignment styles, and academic referencing. As soon as I started the degree, I was able to hit the ground running.

I would highly recommend this certificate due to its high level of academic integrity, supportive staff, and ability to get you excited about embarking on the path to a career in natural health!”

“Completing the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Preparation gives a student a great advantage in many areas of study including research and writing skills, technology skills and a basic introduction to key subjects throughout the degree program (herbal medicine and the scientific workings of the body). One of the under-recognised aspects of a degree program is time management and academic skills. As part of the certificate, a student learns or re-learns how to present work to an academic standard. This includes referencing and assignment presentation standards. A student learns how to structure an essay and how to use referencing software, the latter being perhaps one of the most useful and practical skills when it comes to presenting assignments and collating research. Another valuable paper as part of the certificate program focuses on supporting students technology skills. There is also excellent guidance to help students to use relevant software. I remember one week, a tutorial was uploaded about how to collate notes and research using OneNote. I have since created my own database of research through this software and have continuously added to it throughout the degree. Students are also taught how to use online databases for research purposes, including how to download citations into referencing software. This takes a lot of pressure off the remainder of your study throughout the degree. The sections on natural medicine and basic chemistry are an excellent introduction into what is expected throughout the degree. It is only now in my third year at the college that I can truly appreciate and value the certificate program. I would highly recommend the course as a precursor to the degree for anyone considering a career in natural medicine.”

Antonia Graduate NZC
Year Two Student – Bachelor of Natural Medicine

Samantha Studied Overseas; Graduate NZC
Graduate – Bachelor of Natural Medicine 2020

Michelle Graduate NZC
Graduate – Bachelor of Natural Medicine 2020