Meryn Wakelin

Clinic Supervisor

BHSc (Comp Med); AdvDipNat; AdvDipHerbMed

Meryn is a SPCNM graduate of 2008 and she has been consulting in private Naturopathic practice ever since, with clinics based in Pukekohe and Parnell.

She is a general practitioner and treats people of all ages. Over the years she has continued to foster the principles and style of practice from her training at SPCNM, developing along the way a deep understanding that nutrition, pH and digestive health are absolutely fundamental to optimal health and all successful healing, and therefore these get her initial attention. With these things in mind her focus with her clients’ treatment plans is to support the body to heal damaged tissues, dis-regulated organs and systems, to open up blocked pathway’s and to ease open the road to recovery.

When Meryn is not at work she will surely be found on her lifestyle block in the Bombay hills where she lives with her partner, probably chatting with her chooks while she looks after her bees, plants trees and seemingly endlessly weeds the garden to make way for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. When she’s not there you can presume she’s most likely sailing around the Hauraki Gulf and beyond.

Phone +64 9 526 9274