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The South Pacific College of Natural Medicine (SPCNM) is New Zealand’s first and foremost provider of natural health education programmes, taught by highly qualified and experienced educators in purpose-built premises.

SPCNM  has officially been a teaching institute since 1967. SPCNM is NZQA accredited to offer the qualifications, BACHELOR OF NATURAL MEDICINE & recently approved GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MAORI MEDICINE. 

SPCNM External Evaluation and Review report (NZQA)

The 2014 NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER) findings for South Pacific College of Natural Medicine are Highly Confident for SPCNM’s educational performance and Confident in its self-assessment capability.

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Graduates from the degree can practice as naturopaths and medical herbalists. Read more




The South Pacific College of Natural Medicine is a leading tertiary institution in New Zealand dedicated to the education of Natural Medicine professionals who will contribute to the health and wellbeing of their communities.






“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  Thomas Edison (1902).

The term ‘naturopathy’ was first used in the 1890’s in the USA, but its philosophical roots go back thousands of years. These ancient principles are inherent in the way natural medicine is practiced today.

The main principle of naturopathy is ‘vix medicatrix naturae’, or the healing power of nature. There is only one force of healing in existence and that is nature herself, which refers to the inherent restorative power of the individual to overcome disease.

The body has an innate ability to restore balance and bring about healing, in congruence with the laws of nature. This healing can be facilitated by harnessing the natural resources available to us – fresh air, water, sunshine and wholesome food, alongside rest and relaxation, sleep and exercise.

Naturopathic practice also recognises that the body and mind work together to create optimal health. Therefore social, cultural and spiritual factors influence the context in which ill health occurs. The client is encouraged to be a partner on their health journey, and the naturopath endeavours to facilitate the sharing of information and supports the client to achieve and maintain wellness.

Naturopathic practice always searches for the underlying cause of disease. Rather than suppressing symptoms, we look deeper and aim to gently correct the conditions in which symptoms arise. In this way, the healing process is strengthening and supportive of the organs and tissues of the body, without causing harm or side effects.

Robyn Carruthers and Donna Burgoyne